Publishing House

It is the main department of Grupo Lacería A. C., which is open to researchers around the world, that want to disseminate contributions related to the scientific studies, research or essays on architecture and urbanism on heritage conservations.

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Promotion of cultural heritage

We are an association interested in the promotion of culture through events that achieve its diffusion for conservation.

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Know about our diffusion events with international specialists and researchers on heritage conservation. Our conferences are open for students, professionals and other people interested in conservation topics.

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Since 2018

Grupo Laceria

Laceria Editorial, is a publishing house founded in 2018 by Grupo Lacería, a group of people interested in the diffusion and dissemination of texts on architecture, conservation and restoration of built heritage. Our mission is to make available to researchers, professors and professionals of discipline related to architecture, editorial services for the publication of the main research findings, or to share useful contributions for architecture, conservation and restoration.

The main objective is to spread the contributions related to scientific study in the disciplines of architecture and urbanism, through the publication of texts that are unpublished, updated and specialized, with extensions greater than 90 pages.


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